• Atara Weisberger

Tribe Client Healthy Food Planning: Tip #1

This idea, from Tribe Coaching client Mrs. SB, keeps her clean eating

habits on track on hectic Friday afternoons. Thursday night, Mrs. B

prepares her cholent (a traditional Jewish Sabbath dish that is made in

a slow cooker and left to cook overnight) in the crockpot and then puts the uncooked stew in the fridge. When she leaves for work Friday morning

(she gets home an hour before the Sabbath starts in the winter months), she

plugs in and turns on the crock pot to cook. But before she covers the

cholent, she puts a couple of bone-in dark meat pieces of chicken in her

crock pot (boney side up) so she has something hot and filling to eat when

she gets home from work on Friday. This quick meal prevents mindless snacking before and overeating at the evening meal. Awesome tip!!

Thanks Mrs. B!!