• Atara Weisberger

Taking the First Step... Creating a Wellness Vision

What is a Wellness Vision?

A wellness vision is a compelling statement that

describes you as your “best-self”.

It defines what you truly desire and how you want to

live when you’re at your best.

The vision may include behaviors, actions, strengths,

feelings, relationships, or a metaphor or visual image

for comparison.

The wellness vision should give you confidence, energy,

and authentication in your desired changes.

It should excite you!

Your wellness vision represents your deep values and

priorities and is your guiding star for setting and

achieving your goals.

When your goals are challenged by circumstance,

(and they will be!) your wellness vision is a positive driver

to keep moving forward.

It leaves willpower in the dust.

Below is my personal wellness vision. It's good to have an example sometimes to get you started! xo

I balance mind, body and spirit through healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness, prayer, cultivating joy and caring for myself and others. I am strong yet agile. I handle challenges with grace and dignity. I look at myself and others with a positive and loving eye. I am peaceful and live life vibrantly.