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Are you looking for a fitness goal that inspires you?

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Why limit your workouts to inside the four walls of a building?  Tribe Fit Adventures broadens the horizons of your fitness routine. That's why we did away with the brick-and-mortar, cookie-cutter gym.  With Tribe Fit Adventures, the world is your gym and your team becomes a family.  Train with us for a road race, a trail race, an OCR event*,  or a hiking adventure.   Every workout is like a micro-vacation when the great outdoors is your gym.  Your body will get stronger and leaner.  Your mind will open and relax.  Your spirit will soar as you take in the fresh air and experience the power and uplift of being part of a team with a common goal. Email Coach Atara for more information and pricing.

*OCR - Obstacle Course Racing , i.e. Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc

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Obstacle Course Racing!

The Toughest Workout You Will Ever LOVE!

What is an Obstacle Course Race?

Run, jump, push, crawl, swing,

throw, carry, climb.  

These are just a handful of the activities runners might perform during obstacle course races—also known as OCRs or mud runs—which are exploding in popularity.


Each year, millions of participants take to obstacle courses around the world to challenge their athleticism, toughness, and determination on miles of dirt paths, in muddy water and past semi-insane obstacles. And each year, participation numbers continue to grow.

What's the appeal?  

Teamwork, the great outdoors, the variety of distances and intensities available, and the competitive yet cooperative spirit on the course give OCRs a broad appeal.  Physical and mental challenges are plentiful but so are the excitement, energy, and power on the course.

Want to join a training?

We run groups in the late spring through fall.  You can put together a group or join one of ours. 

Contact us for details | register for a training!


Trail Running Training!

Why Trail Run?

For both new and experienced runners, trail running offers a number of benefits that can help you enjoy running more, protect you from injuries and even make you a better runner on the road.  Here are some of the advantages of learning how to trail run:

1. Fewer injuries - a softer surface means more cushion

2. Better technique - learning to run on uneven terrain will help your form on the road as well

3. Mental break - running in the woods is mentally relaxing

4. Breathe easier - no noxious fumes in the woods that your lungs have to contend with

5. Get faster - trails mean hills and training hills is one of the best scenarios to build muscle of all types

To Join a Tribe OCR or Trail Running Team, Contact Us TODAY!

(groups run May thru October)

Join the Adventure Team today!




Where are the trainings held?


In-person trainings are held in the NY/NJ metro area.  Groups meet 1-2 times per week in person and workouts between live sessions are provided.


Online training for the same event can be done from anywhere!  If you want to train virutally, we recommend having at least one partner register with you to train for the same event for support and motivation. 

What else is included?

Access to a private team chat 

Nutrition and fueling tips

Email access to coach

Race day support

Post-race party

Where do Races take place?


In-person events are currently in the Tri-State area of NY, NJ, and CT and PA.

How much does it cost?


Each Tribe Fit Adventure training is unique. 


That being said, we know what it's like to be on a budget and we work hard to keep prices affordable!


To discuss pricing contact Coach Atara.



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