Your path to health and a joyful life is as unique as your fingerprint.

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What is Wellness Coaching?

You are unique. 

No one else has your exact combination of biology, talents, passions, personality, life experience, or circumstances. 


No one knows you better than you.


And yet... 


We have been trained that the answers to health and happiness lie outside of ourselves - often in the form of one-size-fits-all and commercialized programs. 


But when looking at the research or just looking around, we see that this outside-in approach has failed.  The future of health lies in a more individualized approach.  It is the only path to long-term success. 


The keys to your best life lie within you.  My job as your coach is to help you tap into your own wisdom about what you want to change and how to best change it based on your life, your body, your values.  I will help you set goals and provide accountability and support along the way.  And we will comb the challenging moments for learning and clarity.


This is work that is hard to do alone.  If it was easy, we would all do it.  The coaching relationship means that I am a trusted partner and guide.  But you lead the way. 

Tribe Health Coaching Logo 2.png
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Why Should I Hire a Wellness Coach?

Wellness is about so much more than nutrition and exercise.  Wellness is an overall sense of health, happiness, and wellbeing.

We are holistic beings: body, mind, and soul.  And each of those aspects of ourselves impacts all the others.  If we are strong in one area of our lives, it gives us strength in other areas.  By the same token, if we neglect any particular aspect of wellness, it can negatively impact other parts of our lives.

In wellness coaching, we look at your life holistically.  Which areas of your life are you successful in?  Which areas need more attention?  How will your life be better if you make positive changes in areas of importance to you?  How do you make those changes and make them last?  What strengths do you bring to the process to help you?  What support do you need to be successful in taking steps towards greater wellness?

These are the types of questions we might cover in our sessions.  The goal in our sessions together is to explore and define your best path forward and then set you on that path towards a life of health, joy, and wellbeing.

Is Coaching In-Person or Online?


Coaching sessions can be done by phone, videoconference, or

in-person (if you live in the tri-state area). 


Wherever you are, as your coach,

I will be right there with you

"The Phoenix Project taught me that we all want to be better in something and getting there is the real challenge. In the end - how do you want to feel, look like, etc. - motivated me to change certain behaviors."