Health and wellness coaching is the bridge between wanting change and experiencing success

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Wellness is a modern word with ancient roots.

The key tenets of wellness as both preventive and holistic

can be traced back to ancient civilizations from the East (India, China) to the West (Greece, Rome).  In modern

terms, wellness is often used interchangeably with health.  And while physical health is certainly a component of wellness, it is by no means the whole picture.  We can be

free of illness but feel stressed, out of whack, lacking joy, meaning or real connection, or generally needing to

change things up.  


So what do you do when you sense changes are in order?

If you are like most people, you  look outside of yourself

for the answers.  You may seek experts and information

to help you make the changes you seek.  And sometimes

that will work.  But more often than not, a

one-size-fits-all solution or having more information

doesn’t help us make real and lasting change. 

Who doesn’t know that smoking is unhealthy or that

obesity is linked to a whole host of other illnesses? 

Who wouldn’t want to get more sleep or exercise

more regularly or think more positively? 

So why don’t we change?


People are much more complicated than "Information

In - Behavior out."We have conflicting desires. 

We have emotions we have to process. 

We have habits. 

We have cultural expectations that influence us. 

And we have stressors of all kinds to navigate. 

So what’s the answer?


The answer is wellness coaching. 

You have the answers to your best life in your heart and

mind but it’s hard to pull them out of yourself. 

It helps to have a trusted partner to support, reflect,

listen deeply and guide.  It’s also helpful to have an accountability partner to help you lay out a plan and

stay committed. 


Our partnership begins with envisioning what is possible.  What do you want most? What changes would have the greatest impact on your life? What inspires you? Then

we will explore your strengths and successes and

begin to build a plan.  As your trusted co-pilot, my job

is to help you tease out the thoughts, behaviors and good habits you want to build on from the ones that drag

you down and hold you back, always with a focus

on what can be created.


To find out more about wellness coaching and how

it can help you create a life you love, contact us

to schedule your free 30-minute discovery session.


But wait... where do I find

Tribe Health Coaching?


 The beauty of coaching in the modern era is you can be home, at a coffee shop, in your car, or at work for coaching sessions.  Sessions are done via videoconference or by phone (or in-person if you happen to be local to northern NJ!).  We meet once per week with online check-ins and support available in between sessions.  


Wherever you are, as your coach,

I will be right there with you



It’s now more than two years that I have not had any sugar at all and I really feel tremendous gratitude to you for showing me the way. I know I was up and down while working with you, but you gave me a taste of what my body feels like sugar-free and that’s why I went back to it. 

I haven’t lost tons more weight at all (I actually recently discovered I am insulin resistant and that explains it) but I have energy like never before. And the brain fog is gone. I really feel like a different person! 

So I just wanted to say thank you again! 



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