Health and Wellness coaching is the bridge between wanting change and experiencing success

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What is Wellness Coaching?

Having been a personal trainer and nutrition counselor for 17 years,  it's been hard to explain to clients that as a national board-certified health and wellness coach,

I'm not just doing the same thing under a different name.    Although I may discuss how a client eats and moves in a coaching session, in key ways health and wellness coaching is the opposite of being a trainer or nutritionist.  How?

When a client comes to me for training or nutrition counseling, I give them a prescription in the form of a workout or a meal plan.  I say.  They do.  (Or at least they are supposed to :).  The scope of our work together is well defined. My role is the 'expert' and the client is the diligent student.  


Wellness coaching, in a sense, is the opposite.  In the coaching relationship, the expert of your best life is YOU.


  We have been trained in so many ways to look outside of ourselves for how to look, act, think, dress, love, and live.   But deep down, the key to joy, self-love, abundance, and authentic wellness lies within you.  My job as your coach is to help you define what areas of wellness are most important to you, explore possibilities, and clear the roadblocks that stand between you and your wellness goals.  I am a trusted partner and guide.  But you lead the way. 

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Why Would I Hire a Wellness Coach?

You notice areas of your life that need nurturing such as:


Relationship with Food

Physical Activity

Rest and Renewal


Stress Management

Social Support




You have tried making meaningful changes

in your life but find yourself stuck or losing resolve.

You would benefit from guidance, accountability, and support to create lasting, positive change.

You would benefit from having a safe and non-judgemental space to explore your feelings about your own wellness and how to move forward.

Is Coaching In-Person or Online?


Coaching sessions can be done by phone, videoconference, or

in-person (if you live in the tri-state area). 


Wherever you are, as your coach,

I will be right there with you

"The Phoenix Project taught me that we all want to be better in something and getting there is the real challenge. In the end - how do you want to feel, look like, etc. - motivated me to change certain behaviors."